Our Associates - ELMON

ELMON is a leading company of integrated defense systems, based in Athens, specializing in Protection, Security and Defense Systems as well as related services.

img The meaning of the word "Elmon" means "Helmet", and is symbolized by the Corinthian helmet as our emblem.

Custom solutions are offered to meet specific requirements in the fields of military, internal security and training.

All products and systems have been thoroughly tested to withstand harsh conditions in any field of adaptation.

ELMON has a strong approach to exports and exploring new markets with customers in more than 20 countries and is recognized as an innovative, customer-centric company for personal protection, offering unparalleled quality.

Working closely with market leaders in the defense systems industry offers a defined path for growth. For all ballistic solutions, only the most advanced materials with ISO 9001 & 14001 quality assurance certification are used.